Wilderness First Aid Yukon College. 29 jul ’07

Hi there,

A workout of Otto’s (one of the GIO’s) weblog.

After a week of getting up early, biking to the Yukon College, taking class and practise in the bush with bandages, splints, mats, triangulars and other first aiders and stuff during the day, studying in the evenings until 23.00hrs, I am happy that I got the certification of completing the Wilderness First Aid!!
We, all 5 Dutch GIO’s passed the exam and we had great fun wrapping eachother in bandages, inventing new techniques on how to apply non-removable splints for broken bones and fractures etc. It also brought us closer (not too) together. The nice teacher Joanne had grey hair at the end of the course, ha ha. She did a great job in teaching us and all other students were fun too. Only one girl needed too much attention.. We don’t want to mention her. In her desperation she asked everyone of us wether we are married/engaged/single etc. Men, that was difficult to get rid of…

Yesterday night we went out to a of course a Japanese sushi-bar with the Japanese student Masa. We had to transport him on the mountainbike as he did not have one. Going downhill on 2mileroad was extremely dangerous and more so, funny as he was giggling al the time! Going uphill again after the sushi and beers was not that funny anymore. The rainbow’s? were beautifull. Also on the way, we saw a REAL BEAR!!! Initially, it was chased by crows at the ridge of the hill, but it came down later. As I was on the bike, I decided to get a picture but could not get my camera in a split secondf out of my backpack. It took 30 sec. The others try to get the h#ll out of there and did not take a picture. Lateron they came back. I did catch one good shot though, a real hot shot… Later the bear was laying down on a distance of 100 mtrs. It was a not too big grizzly. Car drivers worned to call the police but we went to our camp that time. Ditn’t hear anything about him anymore but were a bit neurvous at night on the border off our campground on about 1 km of the last point seen.

During the week on the Yukon college, we have seen the junior German speedskating team train at the parking lot of the college. Their trainer (Gunda Niemann!!) told me that they have been invited to Whitehorse. Altitude, clear air and no traffic at parking lot were her other arguements to here. She was very nice. Naturally, Otto wanted to have? a picture.. (foto)
After the weekend the real stuff will start with the swift water rescue on the Yukon river. This is a fast streaming river and with extremely cold water…

Now a weekend off, but already got my books of leadership and instruction technics for the next text next weekend.

To be continued…? and if I succeed see the pictures.

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